Karen Diver

A Conversation with Karen Diver (Audio)

I spoke with Karen Diver, former Chair of the Fond du Lac Band of Chippewa and President Obama’s lead advisor on Indian Affairs. Karen speaks to our nation’s shameful treatment of America’s first people. And of the challenges facing them today. But, at the top, I tell the story of my First Pow Wow.


Claire Frances Franken

Franni and I were blessed yesterday with our fourth grandchild, Claire Frances Franken. Claire is named for my grandmother, Clara Franken, and for Franni and for Franni’s mom Frances Bryson. Clara Oppenheimer was a German immigrant who came to this country in the 1880’s. She married Otto Franken who died…


Pretty much everyone agrees that right after someone dies, it’s very bad form to say something bad about them. That’s why it’s admirable that Donald Trump waited a full seven months to say horrible things about John McCain. First of all, and I know most Americans feel this way, it’s…


About a month ago, Judy Keen, a political writer for the Minneapolis Star Tribune asked me to comment on how Paul Wellstone would feel about so many of his issues being adopted by Democrats running for President this cycle. I sat down and just started writing about Paul and sent her this.