A Conversation with Joe Cirincione

A wise man once said, “Trust, but verify.” That wise man was quoting Ronald Reagan. This week The Al Franken Podcast takes a dark but hilarious look at last week’s missile explosion in Russia. Nuke expert Joe Cirincione explains why it means we’re in a new nuclear arms race. See, what exploded was the nuclear ENGINE for a cruise missile designed to carry a nuclear payload. A nuclear engine doesn’t burn out so the cruise missile can just fly around until the Ruskys decide to hit your city! It’s just part of the nifty but EXPENSIVE new technology that’s going to take all the resources from Russia, China, the USA, and all the other nuclear powers that we’d otherwise be spending to address Climate Change. Classic LOSE-LOSE, baby!!! Are you depressed but fascinated by True Crime Stories? Then this one is for you!