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Al has always been personally moved by the service and sacrifice of our armed forces, and he’s fighting to ensure that the promises made to Minnesota veterans are kept.

Al’s first idea as a senator, inspired by a chance meeting with a veteran, was to provide vets with service dogs to help them readjust to their communities and deal with mental and physical health issues. Having visited our troops overseas seven times on USO tours before becoming a senator, Al continues to spend time with Minnesota veterans every chance he gets—and he is fighting to make sure they get the benefits they’ve earned.

When he learned that Minnesota veterans of the Vietnam War were having trouble accessing the benefits they needed as a result of their exposure to Agent Orange, Al took action. He was able to press the VA to improve their process to help these veterans access their benefits. He also pushed the VA to implement a diabetes prevention program like to the one he wrote into health reform, with Minneapolis VA Medical Center serving as one of the pilot program centers.

Al is proud to be working with Rep. Tim Walz, himself a veteran, on legislation that will allow the VA to take commonsense steps to help reduce the veterans benefit backlog. And he continues to work for job training and education programs to help veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan find good jobs. That’s why Al was so proud to support the VOW to Hire Heroes Act, which gave employers a tax credit for hiring out-of-work veterans.