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Stand with Al Franken
Protect Net Neutrality

Two years ago, we scored a big victory when the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) passed strong rules to preserve and protect net neutrality.

Net neutrality is the idea that all content on the internet should be treated the same. It’s how the internet has always been — a free and open medium where content from bigshot companies is delivered in the same way as content from mom and pop stores down the street.

We thought the fight was over. We’d won a huge victory. But now President Trump is putting that victory at risk by choosing an anti-net neutrality commissioner, Ajit Pai, to head the FCC.

Pai has said he wants to take a “weed whacker” to FCC rules. He might whack net neutrality protections right out of existence.

Stand with Al. Let the FCC and Mr. Pai know that you are still fighting to protect net neutrality. Add your name >>