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Jobs & the Economy

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Al is fighting to help Minnesota businesses create good jobs for the middle class, bring new industries to our state, and set our nation on a path towards smart budgets and strong growth.

With businesses and working families alike struggling in the wake of a devastating recession, Al knows that getting our economy moving again is job one. That’s why he voted to create and save jobs in Minnesota by giving tax breaks and other incentives to businesses to hire workers and expand, as well as by providing badly needed funding to keep thousands Minnesota education workers from being laid off.

And because the next generation of manufacturing in Minnesota will require workers with special skills—workers whom Al has been told by local business leaders are in short supply—he championed and helped pass the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, a bipartisan workforce bill that includes provisions he worked hard to get into the legislation. Those provisions will bolster partnerships between manufacturers and community and technical colleges to train people with the right skills for the more than 3 million jobs that sit open in Minnesota and across the country.

Al also supported a bipartisan compromise that extended tax cuts for the middle class and implemented a payroll tax holiday while extending unemployment benefits to keep those still searching for work afloat.

Moving forward, Al is committed to a balanced approach to deficit reduction. He has proposed hundreds of billions of dollars in savings—from eliminating subsidies for oil companies to cutting unnecessary defense spending to allowing Medicare to negotiate lower prices on pharmaceuticals under Part D—but has also insisted that major corporations and the wealthiest Americans share in the sacrifice.

But Al knows that cuts and revenues alone won’t fix the deficit—we need growth to get our economy going, help struggling businesses and families, and improve our fiscal outlook. He continues to fight for smart investments in education, infrastructure, and research and development that could create good-paying jobs and entire new industries for Minnesota.

Meanwhile, as a member of three unions—and an early and steadfast supporter of legislation allowing workers to form a union if they want one—Al continues to fight for the interests of working Minnesotans, from their health and safety on the job to their ability to collect the pensions they’ve earned over a lifetime of hard work.

Al also knows that we need to learn from the 2008 financial meltdown that cost so many Minnesotans their jobs, their homes and their life savings. That’s why he supported legislation to reform Wall Street. It’s also why Al has been leading the fight to crack down on dangerous conflicts of interest in the credit ratings industry that helped cause the financial meltdown, because he knows that without real reform bad actors could cause another crisis and wreck our economy all over again.