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As Minnesota’s representative on the Senate’s energy committee, Senator Al Franken knows that clean energy and energy efficiency technologies provide enormous opportunity for economic growth and good jobs in Minnesota.

Al believes that clean energy and energy efficiency can be win-win for Minnesota—it can reduce our nation’s dependence on foreign oil and address climate change, while simultaneously creating good-paying jobs (and entire new industries) and revitalizing our state’s manufacturing sector. As the chairman of the subcommittee devoted to energy issues, Al is going to continue to fight to increase investments in these technologies.

Having traveled around the state on his renewable energy listening tour of research institutions, businesses, and communities, Al is excited by what he saw and heard. Minnesota is the Silicon Valley of windows, with companies at the forefront of exciting new energy-efficiency technologies. And as the nation’s fourth-largest wind energy producer, Minnesota has much to gain from this emerging technology as well.

Meanwhile, cities like St. Paul are heating and cooling their buildings using biomass from Minnesota—a kind of cutting-edge, homegrown, renewable fuel. And our state’s cities and businesses are making their own buildings more energy efficient—investments that create jobs and pay for themselves through energy savings.

With all this potential, Al is working to focus attention on community wind and energy efficiency programs, and to jumpstart the market for clean energy technologies.

Meanwhile, Al has been a proud supporter of Minnesota’s biofuels industries, which support thousands of jobs in rural parts of the state, and he joined Senators of both parties in fighting an irresponsible attempt to end support for ethanol producers. Al was also proud to author the energy section of the Senate’s most recent Farm Bill, which will help create jobs by investing in Minnesota’s massive potential when it comes to renewable energy and biofuels.