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East Africans

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Minnesota is lucky to have one of the most vibrant East African communities in the country — and a Senator who works hard for all Minnesotans.

To ensure a strong quality of life for Minnesota’s East African families, Al has pushed for affordable health care, investments in early childhood education and mental health in schools. And he’s working to increase the minimum wage, make college more affordable and provide job training so that all Minnesotans willing to work hard can achieve a good quality of life for themselves and their families.

And, because Al knows how important it is to keep families together, he has worked to help East African families here in Minnesota bring their families members in need to the United States to be reunited, and to pass comprehensive immigration reform in the Senate.

Al has also worked with Senator Amy Klobuchar and Congressman Keith Ellison to pass legislation to help Minnesota’s East African community more easily send money to their families back home in East Africa. And during the 2011 famine in Somalia and the wider Horn of Africa, Al pushed Secretary of State Clinton to take all necessary actions to ensure that food assistance reached the millions of East Africans in need of essential survival assistance during the drought.

And Al has pushed the United States government to practice smart foreign policy that helps uphold human rights in Kenya and Ethiopia, worked with Secretaries of State Clinton and Kerry for smart US-East African relations, and pushed for conditioned aid to Ethiopia to protect the Oromo people and all those who are oppressed by the Ethiopian government.