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Equality & Civil Rights

Icon for Equality & Civil Rights

Minnesota has always led the country in promoting equality for all citizens, from Hubert Humphrey’s fight to end school segregation and lynching to today’s fights for LGBT rights. Al is proud to continue that tradition.

When it comes to equality, Al strives to be one of the Senate’s leading voices. An unapologetic supporter of equal marriage rights for same-sex couples—and a leader in the fight to repeal the discriminatory Defense of Marriage Act—Al was proud to join in the fight to defeat the 2012 anti-gay marriage amendment in Minnesota, and he couldn’t have been prouder when Minnesota became the 13th state to enact marriage equality. Al was also a leader in the effort to end “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” so that LGBT troops don’t have to lie about who they are in order to serve their country.

Although Minnesota protects LGBT employees from being fired for their sexual orientation, some other states lack this protection—and so Al supports extending this anti-discrimination measure to all 50 states. And the tragic stories of LGBT teens taking their lives after experiencing bullying at school has led Al to introduce legislation that would guarantee every Minnesota student the chance to attend school without fear.

A fierce defender of a woman’s right to choose, Al partnered with Republican Senator Olympia Snowe to require that every U.S. military base make available emergency contraception, and has been a determined opponent of recent attempts to roll back reproductive rights. And he successfully fought to pass a law that prohibits military contractors from forcing their employees to sign away their right to go to court when assaulted, harassed, or otherwise mistreated in the workplace.