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American Indians

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Al understands the importance of making sure Minnesota’s American Indian communities have a strong voice in Washington.

Al has worked hard to ensure that the federal government keeps its promises to Native Americans. That’s why he’s fought to deliver $28 million owed to the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe and to return 3,200 acres of land inside the Fond du Lac Reservation’s boundaries back to the tribe.

And because Al knows how connected the success of both the urban and reservation Native American communities are, he’s worked hard to get a bipartisan job training bill passed into law to help people fill the more than 3 million jobs that currently sit open in Minnesota and across the country.

And it’s why Al has been working hard to make sure every child has the same opportunities to a great education, which is why he has been fighting for more funding for Indian School Construction, to ensure that American Indian children can attend schools that are safe and in good working condition, and it’s why he passed an amendment to an early childhood bill to lift the ceiling on federal funding for – and increase access to – tribal child care. Al is fighting for language immersion programs in Dakota and Ojibwe, because he knows how important language is to maintaining heritage, and how important early childhood education is to closing the achievement gap.

And Al has been working hard to put an end to human trafficking and prevent crime on reservations, which is why he helped pass a bipartisan bill that strengthened tribal law enforcement, giving them more tools to fight crime on reservations, improved the ability to prosecute sexual assault and treat survivors, and improved programs to treat and prevent substance abuse and help at-risk youth.