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Icon for Education


Minnesotans know that no investment pays a better return than education—and Al is a champion for improved access to good education from pre-kindergarten through college, as well as job training programs to provide workers with the skills they need in the 21st century economy.

Icon for Jobs & the Economy

Jobs & the Economy

Al is fighting to help Minnesota businesses create good jobs for the middle class, bring new industries to our state, and set our nation on a path towards smart budgets and strong growth.

Icon for Healthcare


Al believes that every Minnesota family should be able to get the care they need, from a doctor they trust, at a price they can afford. Health reform was an important first step—but there’s still more work to do to bring Minnesota’s tradition of quality, affordable care to the rest of the country.

Icon for Energy


As Minnesota’s representative on the Senate’s energy committee, Al knows that clean energy and energy efficiency technologies provide enormous opportunity for economic growth and good jobs in Minnesota.

Icon for Veterans


Al has always been personally moved by the service and sacrifice of our armed forces, and he’s fighting to ensure that the promises made to Minnesota veterans are kept.

Icon for Equality & Civil Rights

Equality & Civil Rights

Minnesota has always led the country in promoting equality for all citizens, from Hubert Humphrey’s fight to end school segregation and lynching to today’s fights for LGBT rights. Al is proud to continue that tradition.

Icon for Agriculture & Rural Issues

Agriculture & Rural Issues

Minnesota farmers have always fed the world. Now Al is committed to helping them power our nation’s future—and unlocking a new wave of prosperity for rural Minnesota.

Icon for Seniors


Minnesota seniors who rely on Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security can always count on Al to fight to protect these programs—for today and for the future.

Icon for Consumers, Privacy, & Net Neutrality

Consumers, Privacy, & Net Neutrality

Al has become one of the Senate’s foremost champions for consumers, leading the fight to keep cable, Internet, and cell phone rates low; preserve the free flow of information in America; and oppose corporate actions that would threaten our privacy, our anti-trust laws, or our democracy.

Icon for American Indians

American Indians

Al understands the importance of making sure Minnesota’s American Indian communities have a strong voice in Washington.

Icon for East Africans

East Africans

Minnesota is lucky to have one of the most vibrant East African communities in the country — and a Senator who works hard for all Minnesotans.

Icon for Latinos


Al has been working hard for Minnesota’s Latino families to ensure that everybody has a chance to succeed.