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WCCO DEBATE: Franken has strong bipartisan record

Investment banker Mike McFadden’s attacks on Sen. Franken’s voting record ring hollow. Sen. Franken has a strong record of working across party lines to deliver concrete results and has repeatedly stood up to the President and his administration when his policies, proposals or regulations don’t make sense for Minnesotans.

WCCO DEBATE: McFadden’s record of ducking national security issues

Investment banker Mike McFadden has a record of ducking national security issues. Not only did McFadden hide from reporters one year ago and refuse to respond to multiple requests for a comment on military action against Syria, but he also literally fled from a voter when asked a question about the Patriot Act.

WCCO DEBATE: State Department already has authority to revoke passports

Sen. Franken has said he will look at any proposal that would make sure that individuals fighting with ISIL cannot return to this country. The State Department already has the authority to revoke passports. Even Secretary of State Madeleine Albright said the State Department already has this authority.

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