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Al in the News

Al has been all over the news lately, discussing the latest revelations about communications between Attorney General Jeff Sessions and at least one Russian official prior to the election. Here’s Al’s interview on MSNBC’s Morning Joe: Here’s Al in the Star Tribune: “Franken, Klobuchar call for Attorney General Sessions to recuse self from Russia probe” […]

MSNBC: Senator Franken: Sessions should recuse himself

Back in January, I asked then-Senator Jeff Sessions—while he was under oath—what he would do if he learned that members of the Trump campaign team had been meeting with the Russians. He didn’t answer my question, which should have probably been that he would recuse himself, but then he pivoted and said that he as […]

We cannot turn our backs

The terrorist attacks in Paris were senseless and barbaric, perpetrated against innocent people who were simply living their lives. Countries all over the world, including our own, have come together to stand in solidarity with France and redouble our efforts to fight ISIS and other terrorist groups around the world. And as we remember the […]

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