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We Won’t Stop Until The Bullying Stops

Early this week, I went on MSNBC’s All In With Chris Hayes to discuss the epidemic of bullying against LGBT students in our schools.

Despite this glaring problem, the Senate this week failed to pass my plan to fix it.

Am I disappointed in this glaring failure to protect LGBT students in America? Yes. The inability to institute some protections for some of our most vulnerable children is an enormous disservice.

But I’m not going to stop fighting this fight. The bullying of LGBT children has reached epidemic proportions:

  • 30% of LGBT report missing a day of school in the past month because they felt unsafe.
  • Nearly 75% say they’ve been verbally harassed in school.
  • More than 35% report being physically attacked.

We wouldn’t look the other way if racial slurs were being slung at African American children in schools. We wouldn’t look the other way if a Jewish child were beaten up for wearing a yamaka.

And we shouldn’t sit by while thousands upon thousands of LGBT children are relentlessly bullied and harassed in school.

You can help. We’ve got a petition going calling for legal protections for LGBT children in schools. If you have a minute, click here and add your name.

Children can’t learn if they’re afraid to set foot in their schools. So no, despite this recent set back, I will not stop fighting to protect LGBT children. I won’t quit until these kids have the protection they deserve.