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Esquire: Now We Know He’s Good Enough

In which we learn that Senator Al Franken is good at his job.

Lost amid all the huffing and blowing regarding the startling revelations that rich people like the Clintons have lots of money and that they know a lot of rich people who have a lot of money, the marriage of Time Warner and Comcast has been called off. And I just bought some nice candlesticks, too.

Opponents portrayed Comcast’s takeover effort as a land grab that would have given the company too much leverage in the industry, and over the last year lawmakers, consumers, public advocacy groups and media and technology companies rallied against the merger. Complaints reached a fever pitch in recent weeks. The fears were plenty: that customers would end up paying more for declining service; that the industry behemoth would use its heft to stifle competition in the budding online video business; that there would be a lack of independent and diverse voices on television. Critics also criticized the company for failing to live up to promises it had made in previous deals, particularly its acquisition of NBCUniversal in 2011.

That last sentence is a real gem, by the way. “Critics also criticized.” And haterz gotta hate. And grifterz gotta grift. And huge media conglomeratez gotta conglomerate. Or not.

This is a gigantic win for consumers. It’s also a gigantic win for Senator Al Franken (D-Minn.), which still sounds amazing to me, even now that he’s in his second term.

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