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Getting out the vote in Minneapolis

Sally King, Digital Intern

Volunteers have been hard at work knocking doors and making phone calls in Minneapolis. We talked to a couple volunteers in the South Minneapolis Action Center about their roles and why they’re getting out the vote for Al and other DFLers.

Ramona B., a senior at Washburn High School, started volunteering recently:


“I have always liked Al Franken. I like that he is working on raising the federal minimum wage and working to make college more affordable. I’m looking at colleges now, so the chance to refinance student loans later on is really important to me. I like phone banking because I like talking to people—I think it has helped me with people skills.”

Marty W.  has been v0lunteering in the Minneapolis office for a long time now, and has been impressed by what Al has accomplished in the Senate.

Untitled“Women’s issues are important to me — and Al’s been a champion of them. I have a wonderful wife of 35 years. She was in an abusive relationship before we met, and Al’s courageous fight on behalf of survivors of abuse and sexual assault in the Violence Against Women Act is so important to me.”

Say you’re in to get out the vote in these final hours — find a volunteer shift near you.