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Senator Franken makes strong case for re-election in final debate

Senator Franken makes strong case for re-election in final debate
Wins debate by clearly defining the choice for Minnesotans as they head to the polls

ST. PAUL [11/2/14] — Senator Franken made a strong case for re-election tonight at the Minnesota Public Radio debate — the fourth and final debate of the 2014 election — highlighting his record of working across party lines to deliver concrete results for Minnesotans and his commitment to helping build and grow a strong middle class.

Senator Franken laid out the choice before Minnesotans this election in his closing statement when he said, “I believe the economy works best from the middle out, not the top down.” Throughout the debate Sen. Franken highlighted his work to help more than half a million Minnesotans refinance their student loans, how he’s leading the charge to help close the achievement gap and how he’s worked to strengthen workforce training programs so students and recent graduates have the skills they need to find jobs.

Sen. Franken enters the final two days of the campaign after crisscrossing the state, energizing supporters and volunteers and mobilizing one of the largest statewide grassroots operations in the country. Newspapers across the state have endorsed Sen. Franken for re-election, including the Star Tribune, ECM newspapers, St. Cloud Times, Winona Daily News, Rochester Post-Bulletin, Insight News and the Minnesota Daily. Here’s what they’re saying:

ECM: “Campaign rhetoric is one thing; getting results in Washington is something else … It is also evident that Franken has made a determined effort to work across party lines and achieve bipartisan agreements.”

STAR TRIBUNE“Franken has kept his head down and delivered on what this page asked of him when he belatedly started his term in 2009 — policy work that benefits residents of this state. In many cases, he’s done so while working with Republican colleagues.”

INSIGHT NEWS“Senator Franken exemplifies fearless, principled representation for the people of Minnesota; and for the nation.”

ST. CLOUD TIMES: “…Franken still stood up for Main Street over Wall Street, for a reasonable farm bill, and for better matching people with employers through education.”

MINNESOTA DAILY: “We support Franken in continuing what he started: serving Minnesotans, especially students. Franken has enacted a number of measures benefiting students. As a co-sponsor of the DREAM Act and student loan and open-textbook bills, Franken supports getting everyone in Minnesota a quality education… Franken has promised to continue fighting for students to be able to refinance their loan debt…”

STAR TRIBUNE: “[Sen. Franken] added common-sense provisions to the bipartisan Violence Against Women Act to help protect victims of domestic violence and sexual assault from financial harm… He has also championed food safety, job training, renewable energy, Internet neutrality, funding for Native American schools, student debt relief and privacy-rights measures.”

WINONA DAILY NEWS: “Five years later, with an impressive record of legislation on technology and privacy, consumer rights, agriculture, transportation and other issues — not to mention an important amendment ensuring the effectiveness of the Affordable Care Act and saving consumers billions — Franken is asking Minnesota voters to send him back for a second term. We should.”

ROCHESTER POST-BULLETIN: “We feel [Sen. Franken] has been a leading force the state needs on many issues, and we hope he can build on his first-term achievements.”