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A message from Will Forte and Richard Dean Anderson

Hi, I’m Will Forte.
Hi, I’m Richard Dean Anderson.
You might know us from the characters we’ve played on screen. I played the lovable idiot MacGruber, a parody of —
A popular character I played on TV, let’s just say that.
Ah. Okay. Anyway, we’re writing because our friend, Al Franken, is running out of time in his fight to keep working for Minnesota families in the U.S. Senate. And when I hear “running out of time,” I know what that means: It’s time for a dangerous stunt that’s sure to backfire.
Actually, Will, I’m going to suggest we go in another direction. What say we ask (nicely of) my fellow Minnesotans and those receiving this email, to click on to this link and donate $5 to help Al take on the special interests in the last week of this campaign.

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Right. Take $5 and then light it on fire.
No, no. Will. You’re thinking like your character. And with a new Super PAC attack, and polls showing the race in single digits, we don’t have time for that. We want people to donate that $5 to help Al’s campaign build a people-powered GOTV machine that can overcome the influence of the Super PACs and their allies in the right-wing smear-o-sphere.
A machine! Yes. Perfect. Let’s build a machine that sprays noxious fumes in the face of whoever is trying to use it — that way, we can —
Okay. Sorry. You’re right. By the way, how do you get your text to do that cool bold underlined thing when you ask for money?
I’ll tell you later. It involves a grapefruit, a necktie, and some highly compressed gas.

Thanks for supporting our friend Al!

— Will Forte and Richard Dean Anderson

P.S.: Al always includes a P.S. on every fundraising email. I assume it’s there to give the bad guys extra time to escape.
No, actually, it’s there to give him a place for an extra ask — one that encourages people to donate $5 toward helping him overcome the special interests!