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RELEASE: Minnesota Professional Fire Fighters Endorse Al

Minnesota Professional Fire Fighters endorse Al Franken for U.S. Senate
Press Statement of Chris Parsons, President, Minnesota Professional Fire Fighters, [10/28/14]

Today, the Minnesota Professional Fire Fighters (MPFF), an organization consisting of 1,600 members of the International Association of Fire Fighters in over 40 local communities across the state representing full-time firefighters and emergency medical technicians, is proud to endorse Al Franken for US Senate from Minnesota. This decision was unanimous by our executive board.

In his nearly six years in the US Senate, Al Franken has worked diligently across the party-divide to support and pass legislation to benefit firefighters and our mission to protect the lives and property of the citizens of Minnesota. Year after year, Senator Franken has supported legislation that has helped struggling cities retain and hire firefighters in difficult economic conditions. His support for the SAFER (Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response) and FIRE ACT Grants has helped scores of Minnesota fire departments keep firefighters in the fire stations and off the unemployment line, which has directly improved response times and service levels for communities all across Minnesota. The SAFER Grant alone has provided over 22 Minnesota fire departments with over $11 million on Al’s watch.

Al has been an accessible and responsive US Senator. He has a keen understanding and appreciation of the risks and hazards firefighters face on a daily basis. When the family of a fallen Minnesotafirefighter needed help securing Hometown Heroes Act benefits, Senator Franken did not hesitate to weigh in on the families behalf ultimately leading to them receiving the line-of-duty death benefits they deserved.

Al Franken’s opponent, Mike McFadden, has criticized Senator Franken for his attempt to end taxpayer subsidies for oil companies in order to further provide funding for firefighter staffing. This is all the evidence we need to know that, for McFadden, corporate profits trump the safety of Minnesotans.

For us, the choice is clear. In six years Al Franken has been a Senator all of Minnesota can be proud of and he deserves re-election. We are urging our members, their families, and all of Minnesota to join us in supporting Al Franken for US Senate.