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WCCO DEBATE: McFadden supports tax breaks for corporations that ship jobs overseas

Investment banker Mike McFadden has made it clear on multiple occasions that he supports tax breaks for companies that ship American jobs overseas.

Mike McFadden reinforced his profits-over-people philosophy when he attacked Sen. Franken for voting to end tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas, multiple times. Sen. Franken voted to end these tax breaks because he believes they’re wrong.

McFadden’s support for tax breaks for companies that ship American jobs overseas isn’t surprising. Even his own campaign t-shirts are made in Nicaragua instead of in America and by American workers.


McFadden Repeatedly Defends Tax Loopholes For Companies That Ship Jobs Overseas. McFadden’s ad attacks Franken for voting for a measure that would end tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas. According to the Washington Post, “To pay for the new spending, the measure would cut off in March 2014 an expansion of food-stamp benefits enacted in last year’s stimulus. And it would end tax breaks for some multinational corporations that are based in the United States but have operations and pay taxes abroad. Closing those ‘loopholes,’ as Democrats call them, is the centerpiece of a House Democratic campaign to promote domestic manufacturing and discourage companies from shipping jobs overseas.” [McFadden Press Release, 9/16/14; WCCO, 9/10/14; Vote 228, 8/5/10; Washington Post, 8/5/10]

McFadden Campaign Distributed T-Shirts Made In Nicaragua. “Republican U.S. Senate candidate Mike McFadden talks a lot about the importance of jobs. For instance, in recent weeks, he’s said things like, ‘Senator [Franken] along with President Obama have waged a war on jobs in this country,’ and, ‘I’ve created jobs. That’s what I do. I have a record of 20 years of doing that, and I look forward to that conversation.’ So eyebrows were raised when McFadden’s campaign distributed shirts at the MNGOP convention in Rochester that were made in Nicaragua.” [City Pages, 6/17/14]

Bottom Line: Investment banker Mike McFadden will always have a profits-over-people mentality and that’s wrong for Minnesota.