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WCCO DEBATE: Franken focused on fighting Ebola here and abroad

Investment banker Mike McFadden is attempting to use Ebola to grab headlines for his own political gain.

Sen. Franken has been working hard, doing everything he can, to make sure the people of Minnesota are protected from Ebola and is focused on making sure we do everything we can to fight the virus, both here and abroad.

Last week, Sen. Franken attended a briefing with Governor Dayton and Senator Klobuchar to discuss Minnesota’s preparedness. He also joined them to push the administration to boost screening at the Minneapolis St. Paul airport. Sen. Franken has been in touch with Minnesota health care providers to make sure they have what they need from the federal government, and he backed legislation that passed into law last month to increase funding for Ebola preparedness efforts by nearly $90 million in the United States and West Africa.


 “Dayton, Klobuchar, Franken Aren’t Happy About Lack of Ebola Screenings at MSP Airport.” According to CityPages, “The Center for Disease Control recently started screening all arrivals from Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone at five major American airports for Ebola symptoms. But MSP Airport isn’t one of the airports included on the list, and Mark Dayton, Amy Klobuchar, and Al Franken aren’t happy about that.” CityPages then posted the letter from Sens. Franken and Klobchar and Gov. Dayton calling on CDC to make MSP one of the airports where passengers from those countries receive ebola screenings. [CityPages, 10/14/14]

Franken Backed Legislation To Ramp Up The Federal Fight Against Ebola. According to MPR, “Franken also says he’s working on the issue. His campaign spokesperson, Alexandra Fetissoff, said that work includes efforts to get Ebola screening at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport and support for new legislation to boost federal efforts to fight Ebola. ‘Of course the government should be doing everything it can to fight the spread of Ebola in Africa and make sure we stop it in its tracks here in the U.S., and if more call center staff is what we need then we’re for it,’ Fetissoff said.” [Minnesota Public Radio, 10/16/14]

After Meeting With Dayton, Klobuchar And Others, Franken Said He And Other State And Federal Officials Had Been Pushing To Make Sure Minnesota Is Prepared In Case Ebola Comes To The State. According to KMSP, “’This is a very serious matter,’ Sen. Al Franken says. When it comes to Ebola, Minnesota’s top lawmakers and health officials say they’ve learned a lot from Dallas … Now, they’re refocusing the state’s efforts to prepare for Ebola by updating protocols to protect healthcare workers, who have the highest risk of getting the disease … ‘We want people to understand we haven’t seen it here yet, but if it does come, the people who are in this room have been planning and are preparing for that eventuality,’ Al Franken says.” [KMSP, 10/19/14]