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RELEASE: Franken kicks off final week of election with strong debate performance

Franken kicks off final week of election with strong debate performance
Heads into home stretch of campaign with strong momentum

ST. PAUL [10/26/14] — Sen. Al Franken kicked off the final week of his re-election campaign this morning by winning the WCCO-TV debate, highlighting his record of working across party lines to deliver concrete, bipartisan results for Minnesotans and clearly defining the choice before voters this election.

A key moment from the debate came when Sen. Franken held investment banker Mike McFadden accountable for his business record, saying, “If you are CEO and you don’t take responsibility for what your company does, what are you going to do as a Senator?”

Sen. Franken enters the homestretch of the campaign with strong momentum. Over the past week, he has spoken in front of thousands of Minnesotans at rallies in Minneapolis, St. Paul and Northfield, and received newspapers’ endorsements from across the state, including the Star Tribune, ECM newspapers, the St. Cloud Times, Insight News and the Minnesota Daily.

Here’s what Minnesotans have been reading about Sen. Franken this week from the news outlets that have endorsed him for re-election:

ECM: “Campaign rhetoric is one thing; getting results in Washington is something else … It is also evident that Franken has made a determined effort to work across party lines and achieve bipartisan agreements.”

STAR TRIBUNE“Franken has kept his head down and delivered on what this page asked of him when he belatedly started his term in 2009 — policy work that benefits residents of this state. In many cases, he’s done so while working with Republican colleagues.”

STAR TRIBUNE“As we had hoped, Franken is comfortable in “the weeds” — that policy wonk space in which legislators address real-world issues such as student debt, privacy rights and food safety.”

MINNESOTA DAILY: “We support Franken in continuing what he started: serving Minnesotans, especially students. Franken has enacted a number of measures benefiting students. As a co-sponsor of the DREAM Act and student loan and open-textbook bills, Franken supports getting everyone in Minnesota a quality education.”

ECM: “We believe Al Franken is best prepared to deal with major issues facing the United States and Minnesota.”

STAR TRIBUNE: “[Sen. Franken] added common-sense provisions to the bipartisan Violence Against Women Act to help protect victims of domestic violence and sexual assault from financial harm… He has also championed food safety, job training, renewable energy, Internet neutrality, funding for Native American schools, student debt relief and privacy-rights measures.”

ST. CLOUD TIMES: “…Franken still stood up for Main Street over Wall Street, for a reasonable farm bill, and for better matching people with employers through education.”

INSIGHT NEWS“Senator Franken exemplifies fearless, principled representation for the people of Minnesota; and for the nation. Franken is clear and consistent on progressive policies that eliminate barriers to success and productivity for businesses, that support military service men and women and their families and that promote fair and equitable farm and trade policy.”

STAR TRIBUNE“[Sen. Franken’s] provision in the Affordable Care Act requiring insurers to spend at least 80 percent of premiums on actual health care is a needed curb on rising administrative costs. Working with Republican Sen. Roger Wicker of Mississippi, Franken co-sponsored legislation targeting credit rating agencies for conflicts of interest that contributed to the 2008 financial meltdown.”

ECM: “We applaud Franken’s determined work on workforce investment programs that build partnerships between the government, schools, businesses and men and women who train to fill high-skill jobs. In a time when many jobs go unfilled because trained workers can’t be found, it is a highly important effort.”