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Did you see: The Star Tribune endorses Al for re-election

Sara Cederberg, Digital Director

Big news (again): The Star Tribune Editorial Board endorsed Al for re-election.

As we had hoped, Franken is comfortable in “the weeds” — that policy wonk space in which legislators address real-world issues such as student debt, privacy rights and food safety.

We find it more meaningful to consider Franken’s list of legislative accomplishments since arriving in Washington.

His provision in the Affordable Care Act requiring insurers to spend at least 80 percent of premiums on actual health care is a needed curb on rising administrative costs. Working with Republican Sen. Roger Wicker of Mississippi, Franken co-sponsored legislation targeting credit rating agencies for conflicts of interest that contributed to the 2008 financial meltdown.

He added common-sense provisions to the bipartisan Violence Against Women Act to help protect victims of domestic violence and sexual assault from financial harm. And after 64 people died and hundreds were sickened by tainted medications manufactured by a Massachusetts drug compounding facility, Franken worked with Republican Sen. Pat Roberts of Kansas to reform dated laws on drug distribution.

He has also championed food safety, job training, renewable energy, Internet neutrality, funding for Native American schools, student debt relief and privacy-rights measures.

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