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Getting out the vote: Fata

Photo of FataFata Acquoi, a student at the University of Minnesota, joined Team Franken this fall as an intern. She’s working hard to assist the field and political teams to get out the vote for Al and other DFLers.

“In high school, I volunteered for a county sheriff campaign with my family — so I know how important getting out the vote is to candidates like Al.”

Fata supports Al because he’s been a champion of the issues she really cares about: making college more affordable and women’s health.

“Sen. Franken is working hard so that first generation college students like myself can graduate without a mountain of debt. Students, like homeowners, should be able to refinance their loans at lower rates. It’s just common sense!”

Making sure voters like herself are engaged in the political process will be a driving force for Fata in the final days of this campaign.

“We hear about it all of the time: turnout takes a major dive in midterm elections, particularly in the African American community. I want to make sure people understand that all politics are truly local. Because in most cases, who we elect to City Hall or the U.S. Senate is bound to have a more direct impact on our day-to-day lives.”

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