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GOTV Volunteers Needed

Alana Petersen, Organizing Director

Did you see Matt’s email this morning? We’re headed into the final weeks of this campaign — and that means more volunteer shifts to fill. Getting out the vote means knocking as many doors and making as many phone calls as we can through Election Day. Read more about why this is so important — then find a GOTV shift near you.

Dear Friend,

In 2008, Al won by 312 votes. I’d be willing to call that a “razor-thin” margin if ever there was one.

Our Get-Out-The-Vote effort made the difference in 2008. It’s going to make the difference again this year, and I want you to be a part of it.

We need door-knockers, phone-bankers, and much more for the days leading up to the election and for election day itself. Click here to sign up.

Even the fanciest TV ads aren’t as effective at turning out voters as real, person-to-person contacts. When you knock on a door to remind your neighbors to vote, they can’t exactly change the channel.

312 votes is a ridiculously small margin and none of us wants to see another recount. It’s up to our grassroots volunteers to expand that margin this November.

If you support Al — if you want Al to be your Senator for another term — I need you to sign up for a GOTV shift or two.

Not much time left in this race. Let’s finish strong.



Matt Burgess
Campaign Manager
Al Franken for Senate 2014