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Getting Out the Vote: Rajan

Rajan-smallAt the Shoreview office, volunteers are taking charge and getting the job done. For Rajan, it’s all about talking to Minnesotans and making sure they’re ready to vote between now and Election Day.

“I feel that if you don’t participate in the process, then you can’t complain. I grew up in a household where it is important to show that you have a voice. That’s why I volunteer.”

Rajan has been impressed by Al’s hard work for Minnesota — and distressed by investment banker Mike McFadden’s history of putting profits over people.

“Mike McFadden’s record of putting profits over people as an investment banker concerns me greatly. On the other hand, Al has entered this race with a long record that has put Minnesota first — making sure we’re investing in a skilled workforce for a 21st century economy, and taking on Wall Street for shady practices that led to the financial collapse.”

But what keeps Rajan coming back to volunteer is the relationships he’s built with other supporters.

“You get to have face-to-face conversations every day with people on the issues they care about. Many times, you’ll hear a personal story that moves you to do more. People are excited to get out the vote for Al — I encourage everyone to volunteer.”

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