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“He’s looking out for Minnesota students AND teachers”

Sally King, Digital Intern

photo-katie-l 2Katie L., a recent college graduate and elementary school teacher, continues to support Sen. Al Franken for all of the work that he has done to help students and teachers.

“In my family, college was discussed as a necessity rather than an option. With four children, my parents said that while they would work hard to contribute as much as possible, student loans were going to be the reality.”

Katie knew she wanted to be a teacher, and took out loans for both her undergraduate and graduate programs. Even with her Master’s degree and the small boost in salary as a second-year teacher, she will still be paying off her student loans for at least fifteen years.

“Going into college, I had no concept of money. I had a job and my parents told me to save, but part of the ‘college experience’ for me was figuring out how to support myself and get by with little to no income. Of course, I was lucky enough to have parents who I could fall back on if needed, but many students don’t have that option.”

As part of Senator Franken’s hard work to help address student loan debt, he introduced a bill that would allow students to refinance their public and private loans at current lower rates. Over 500,000 Minnesotans could benefit from lower interest rates.

“Sen. Franken’s support for education means so much to me. Not only are his views important for myself as a college graduate in debt, but also as an educator.”

Katie also believes that Al Franken’s work on early childhood education, strengthening partnerships between manufacturers and community colleges and rethinking the way we approach standardized testing is necessary if we want to continue to cater to the rapidly evolving needs of the 21st century.

 “My students need someone who is fighting for their future — not someone who is on the side of special interests. I believe Sen. Franken is that advocate.”

 Join Katie in her support of Al – visit today.